Health: the Happiness bug

Life as an in-patient is not always easy. Where the hell has that happiness bug got to now?


Dedicated to Health. That fundamental state of being when things are good; when mind and body function smoothly. When there is no pain, illness or malaise we like to say we’re healthy. And then sometimes we take it for granted! But what about when things go wrong? Who fixes them? By what method? Where should we go to get fixed? When should we check in to the health mechanic’s workshop? And how do we know we’re getting the best possible treatment while there?

This blog is about answering some of those questions. It’s also about change.

To stand in the slippers of the in-patient: that resident of circumstance, ill-health, malaise and pain, and determine what might help lessen their burden. How to bring about change for the better, and coax the happiness bug out of hiding…


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